"It is about the POWER of doing business for social good and designing your own DESTINY rather than waiting for your parents, bosses, partners or society to determine it for YOU." (Dr Sam Collins)

As a social enterprise, we seek to fulfil our social ethos by providing pre-employment and social enterprise start-up programmes to marginalised young people from within our local community. In our constituency, 37% of the working age population are unemployed; our community has a GCSE A* - C grade level 10% below the national average of 48%; and only 13% of the population has gained an NVQ compared to the national average of 20%.

Such statistics portray a community that is underqualified and lacks new job opportunites for young people.

There is a need within our local community to motivate and raise the aspirations of our young people and improve their employability options. By so doing we will help break the cycle of deprivation many of our young people currently find themsleves in.

 As a trained community educator with many years experience working within the Third sector, Melanie has combined her experience, knowledge and desire to offer marginalised young people the same life opportunties as any one else with her business, project management and catering skills. The result is a social enterprise seeking to trade in order that social good may result.



We're really grateful to Awards for all and Greggs Foundation for providing funding to enable us to deliver 2 projects -our Food Enterprise programme and our GREEN project - in 2017.0

With our Awards for all funding we have worked alongside Lil's Parlour to deliver our 8 week Food Enterprise programme. Running 2 days per week the programme has consisted of baking skills masterclasses; personal development workshops; production kitchen baking; work skills and baking challenges including the Great Brum bake off. On completion of the programme several of the young people undertook a traineeship in order to develop their skills. The traineeships are mow over but we look forward to seeing what is next for each of the young people.

With our Greggs foundation fundng we ran a series of seasonal cookery classes and, in partnership with GLUE collective, allotment workshops and volunteering opportunities. This culminated in a community day where anyone who had atended the classes could enjoy some camp fire cooking and celebrate being part of the project.