We offer a range of  social enterprise start-up programmes, cookery classes and masterclasses for marginalised people within our local community.

So far in 2017 we have run a Food Enterprise training programme; a pop up social enterprise peogramme and a series of seasonal cookery and allotment workshops.



Working on the Welsh House Farm estate this summer took me back to my early days of community work in Birmingham - my very first project whilst working for Worth Unlimited was on the estate. 14 years later and I was delighted to be funded by Welsh House Farm Big Local to run a pop up social enterprise programme.

Each session consisted of a baking masterclass, personal development workshop and a business workshop. Alongside this we also had lunch each session which helped build a sense of community.

Through the baking masterclasses, the group learnt how to bake and decorate sponge cakes; bake and decorate a range of individual cakes; bake and decorate traditional Northern Irish shortbread; a range of scones; and several different loaf cakes. Alongside this, they undertook marketing workshops, pricing workshops, communication and confidence workshops, planning workshops – everything needed to help them set up their own pop up event.

Alongside the workshops, the women were then tasked with making all the decisions regarding the running of the tearoom – including roles and responsibilities; what would be baked and the quantities; set up of the Haven; publicity; marketing; pricing and packaging of the products and turning a room into a pop up vintage tearoom.

On the day of the pop up tearoom -15th August- there was a mix of nervousness, excitement and pride. Would people come? Would they buy the various items? How would they do in their first ever venture? The simple answer – brilliantly! From shortly after opening, people kept coming and, at one stage, were queuing out the door! The buzz as people enjoyed the freshly baked delights – which included Afternoon tea, cream tea, Caribbean cake, shortbread and blueberry, lime and coconut scones – was so encouraging for the women. One of the women kept saying she wanted to scream as she was so overwhelmed at the response to what they had achieved.

As a result of the venture, the women sold over £120 of cakes, shortbread and scones – a fantastic outcome for their first venture!



Funded by the Big Lottery, our food enterprise training programme enabled us to offer 5 young people the opportunity to undertake a 6 week training programme consisting of baking masterclasses, personal development workshops, business skills workshops, mentoring, several baking challenges and the opportunity to undertake a traineeship. It was great to work alongside Lucy from Lil's Parlour - a real asset to the training delivery.

Seeing the change in each of the participants aas fantastic - not just in terms of personal develoment but also their baking skills, business skills and developing plans for their future.

On completion of the programme, several of the group undertook traineeships and work experience - and we're excited to see what is next for them as they move on from the programme.

We are grateful to Big Lottery for the funding - and enabling us to be part of the change in young people's lives.



With funding from Greggs foundation we developed the GREEN project - offering local people the opportunity to take part in a series of seasonal cookery classes, allotment workshops hosted by GLUE collective, and volunteering.

From June onwards we ran weekly cookery classes using seasonal produce - including elderflowers, rhubarb, apples, tomatoes, strawberries and waste food -to make jams, chutneys, cakes, desserts and even a 3 course meal made using waste food and fresh produce from the allotment.

We were also able to run a kids community day and a volunteers community day.

A great way to introduce local people to seasonal cooking, making their own allotment boxes, growing their own produce and volunteering on the allotment. Huge thanks to Greggs foundation - and all those who participated!



We love finding out how our programmes have young people marginalized by society - here's a taster of their feedback:

One participant, Dave, said: "I have left the programme feeling more confident about my abilities. I have discovered new skills I didn't know I had. This programme has prepared me to take on the world as I have new found confidence".

Another participant, Sue, explained that, as a result of the programme "I now feel confident that i can get a job or start a small business and I can recognise my own skills".

Ali told us that "my thinking regarding my future will be a lot more goal orientated as a result of coming on this course

"You helped me realise i'm not worthless" - feedback from young person during a review session

"You've taught me to ignore the people who tell me I'm not going to get anywhere in life and that I'll be back in prison in 2 months. You've given me confidence in myself and belief in a positive future" - feedback from young person during a review session














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